Frequently asked questions about life in Northern Cyprus

About life in North Cyprus

The cost of living in northern Cyprus is usually lower than in many
European countries, with affordable prices for food, transport and housing.
Of course, the exact cost will depend on your lifestyle and
locations in the country.

In general, it is quite easy to find accommodation in northern Cyprus, with a wide choice
options from apartments to villas. Our real estate agency
ready to help you find a property that suits your needs

Medicine and treatment in Mever Cyprus is similar to that which
exists in Turkey, a mix of public and private hospitals and
clinics. While some people choose to seek medical
assistance to Turkey for more complex procedures, many needs
routine healthcare can be met locally

Northern Cyprus is generally considered safe for tourists and locals
residents. While there are some political tensions,
conflicts, the crime rate is low and the island has friendly,
welcoming atmosphere

The climate in northern Cyprus is generally Mediterranean, with hot summers and
mild winters. This makes it a great place for outdoor activities.
outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and exploring the many historical
attractions of the island. The average winter temperature in Northern Cyprus is +15C


The execution of the contract is fully accompanied by representatives of our company. As in every country, there are requirements about which you can read in detail in our blog, the article “The process of acquiring real estate”


The official currency of Northern Cyprus is the Turkish lira. Other types of currencies are also accepted – the British pound sterling, the US dollar and the euro. You can pay with foreign currency in shops, cafes, museums and many other institutions. The calculation of the amount payable and the calculation of the change are carried out at the current exchange rate. Change is almost always given in Turkish Lira.

On the territory of Northern Cyprus, you can easily use Visa and Mastercard plastic cards. Cards are accepted for payment in many establishments, including shops, restaurants, tourist infrastructure facilities. Withdrawing cash from the card is also not a problem. There are a sufficient number of ATMs in the resort towns. The only thing you need to remember about the commission, which can be up to 2-3 dollars for one transaction

Cash, bank transfer or cryptocurrency. Read more

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